With a passion for fantastic coffee and a desire to share it with others, we embarked on this adventure to create a coffee company several years ago. We patiently built the idea over the years, enhanced our training and knowledge, evaluated markets, processes and technologies, forged relationships with producers at origin and coffee experts in the U.S. and –in 2015—we decided to put the plan to work, said goodbye to our esteemed colleagues at work, packed our bags and headed to ST LOUIS.

At ARABICA COFFEE we feel that the best way to make positive contributions across the complex coffee world is by playing a key role in creating a virtuous cycle: incentivizing and rewarding the best quality coffee , giving it the respect it deserves by preparing it with care, and providing a fantastic offering to delight our customers and their clients.In summary here’s what we love to spend our time doing: we find, taste and select coffees that we feel excited about and are grown by amazing people.